Lucht LHZ Tall Radiator



    Lucht LHZ Tall Radiator Wallmount electric heater

    Ideal for space where wall space is at a premium.

    LHZ Radiators provide an even heat throughout the room, with very little difference in temperature from the top to the bottom of the living space. People naturally achieve their comfort levels at lower temperatures, meaning lower running costs and less heat loss.

    LHZ tall radiators are all 124 cm high, and are best wall mounted. They are ideal for rooms that have limited wall space because of furniture and large windows.

    Range of models of heating capacities available including: 1200w, 1800w & 2200w.


    • Brand:  Lucht LHZ
    • Model:  Tall Radiator
    • Install Type:  Wallmount
    • Has Fan:  NO
    • Is Oil Column:  NO
    • Tilt Off:  NO


    • 12 year warranty on the radiator & two year warranty on the thermostat.
    • Maintenance free, safe, clean and easy to operate.
    • Fully controllable by either manual, wireless or digitally controlled (TDI) thermostats.
    • Each radiator is supplied with 1.5 m length cable and a three pin plug.
    • All radiators are supplied with easy to install wall fixing brackets.
    • Castors or feet stands can be ordered as optional extras.
    • Silent operation with no moving air.
    • Radiant heat, means comfort levels are achieved at lower ambient temperatures.
    • Very large surface area, thereby heating a lot of air a little bit, rather than a little bit of air a lot.

    1200W Radiator  =  380 mm (W) x 1240 mm (H) x 70mm(D)
    1800W Radiator  =  550 mm (W) x 1240 mm (H) x 70mm(D)
    2200W Radiator  =  680 mm (W) x 1240 mm (H) x 70mm(D)


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