Lucht LHZ Bathroom Radiators



    Lucht LHZ Bathroom Radiator Wallmount electric heater

    There are standard radiators which are approved for bathrooms.  They are manual radiators with no timer, so they are probably better for situations where the bathroom is going to be used a lot or it is required to be heated all the time.

    Range of models of heating capacities available including: 600w & 1000w.

    Radiator towel rail:
    The radiator towel rail is a very attractive and would look great in any bathroom.  There is no heat going through the actual rails, but in the radiator body there is a 1.2kw radiator, with all the fins and surface area of the standard radiators, so this radiator will heat your bathroom as well as your towels.  The towel rail is available as a wireless radio frequency controlled radiator, so it can be timed to have the bathroom warm when required.


    • Brand:  Lucht LHZ
    • Model:  Bathroom Radiator
    • Install Type:  Wallmount
    • Has Fan:  NO
    • Is Oil Column:  NO
    • Tilt Off:  NO



    • 12 year warranty on the radiator & two year warranty on the thermostat.
    • Maintenance free, safe, clean and easy to operate.
    • Fully controllable by either manual or wireless thermostats.
    • Each radiator is supplied with 1.5m length cable.
    • All radiators are supplied with easy to install wall fixing brackets.
    • Castors or feet stands can be ordered as optional extras.
    • Silent operation with no moving air.
    • Radiant heat, means comfort levels are achieved at lower ambient temperatures.
    • Very large surface area, thereby heating a lot of air a little bit, rather than a little bit of air a lot.


    600W Radiator   =  380 mm (W) x 630 mm (H) x 70 mm (D)
    1000W Radiator  =  680 mm (W) x 630 mm (H) x 70 mm (D)
    1200W Towel Rail =  640 mm (W) x 1020 mm (H) x 140 mm (D)


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