Xpelair Heat Transfer Kit

Keep your whole house warm and comfortable by moving precious heat throughout your home.
When the room you have your wood fire or primary heat source in, reaches your preferred temperature, this system shares the excess heat around your home. This ensures sustainable and efficient use of energy in your home.

Brochure: Xpelair Heat transfer brochure



  • Siemens thermostat controller
    When your lounge exceeds your preferred temperature the thermostat controller will automatically start to transfer excess heat to the other rooms in your home.
  • British made fan
    Compact and robust polymer construction and can be mounted at any angle with the universal mounting bracket supplied.
  • Adjustable outlet valve
    Easily adjust airflow into each room or simply close, if the room is not in use.
  • Egg crate inlet
    Square 150mm inlet for 1 and 2 bedroom kits
    Round 200mm inlet for 3 and 4 bedroom kits